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Residential Energy Storage Products
  • Three Phase Series
  • Single Phase Series
EV Charger
C&I Energy Storage Products
Residential Energy
Storage Solution

Our residential energy storage solution allows you to smartly and economically manage your energy. We utilize cutting-edge battery technology to help you store and optimize the use of solar energy. This system not only acts as a backup power source during outages but also, through smart scheduling, helps you save on costs during peak electricity usage.

Once connected to the Hanchu Cloud platform, you can effortlessly monitor and control the system with your smartphone. This simplifies achieving a more intelligent, cost-effective, and sustainable approach to energy management.

Power Supply
and Self-Consumption
Peak Shaving and Valley Filling
Commercial & Industrial Energy Storage Solution

Our energy storage solution for small businesses and commercial spaces is designed to perfectly manage energy needs. With cutting-edge battery technology, we help you store and use electricity efficiently. This not only gives you better control over energy costs but also ensures a reliable backup power source during power outages, keeping your operations running smoothly.

By connecting to the Hanchu Cloud platform, you can easily keep an eye on and manage your energy system, allowing for remote smart control. This solution is all about making your business more cost-effective and dependable, all while moving towards a greener way of using energy.

Commercial Peak Shaving and Valley Filling
Emergency Backup Power Supply
Green and Sustainable Business Practice
EV Charger

Charge your electric vehicle with Hanchu EV charger integrated with the Hanchu energy storage system, providing 100% renewable energy. With a quick and reliable charging power of 7kW, you’ll have ample battery capacity for your vehicle in a short amount of time.


With a smart design, you can use the Hanchu mobile app to easily monitor charging status and control the charging process in real-time through a simple interface. This solution aims to make your electric vehicle charging experience more convenient and efficient.

Solar-Powered Homes
Small Business Energy Solutions
Shared Parking in Residential Communities

HANCHU iESS provides comprehensive services for your equipment - seamless integration, lifelong security monitoring and complete control aiming at enhancing customer good experience and assistance to reduce carbon emission globally.

Ultimate convenience in connectivity
Multi-level security alerts
Extended service lifespan