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The HESS-HY-S series is a single-phase inverter specifically designed for residential homes, supporting multi-unit parallel operation and perfectly compatible with the Hanchu LV series batteries. It includes multiple power options of 3/3.68/4/5/6kW, catering to various scales and application scenarios.

Off-Grid Switching in Under 10 Milliseconds
Inverter Off-Grid Switching in Less Than 10 Milliseconds ensures rapid response to the switching needs between grid and off-grid modes, safeguarding equipment, providing continuous power supply, enhancing user experience, and ensuring the stable operation of the power system.
Maximum 100A Fast Charging and Discharging
While rapidly completing the charging process in a short amount of time, the system meets the demand for quick response and high-power output.
Wide MPPT Voltage Range
It can adapt to various lighting conditions and battery voltage fluctuations, optimizing the energy output of solar panels to the maximum extent, thereby enhancing the energy utilization efficiency of the system.
Easy Installation
The compact wall-mounted design allows for quick and easy installation using basic tools. Settings and adjustments can be swiftly configured via the HANCHU APP.

Ultra Safety

The design, manufacturing, and testing processes of the inverter strictly adhere to relevant safety standards, ensuring safe usage through international certifications and compliance with multiple national grid standards.
Multiple Protection Measures
Equipped with DC-side disconnection device, ground fault protection, AC output overcurrent/short circuit current protection, and other multiple protection functions, ensuring the system operates safely from multiple perspectives.
EMC Compliance with IEC Standards
Electromagnetic radiation conforms to IEC standards, posing no harm to humans, and can operate stably without interference from other signal sources.
The body is effectively waterproof and dustproof, adaptable to a wide range of environmental conditions, making the inverter more reliable for indoor and outdoor operations.

Hanchu Cloud
Platform Integration

Operators and end-users can stay informed about the real-time operational status of the system, enabling remote scheduling, OTA upgrades, and historical data analysis. This functionality brings convenience to after-sales service.

Technical Specifications
MPPT voltage range / rated input voltage
40V to 530V / 380V
No. of independent MPPT / strings per MPPT
2 / 1
Max. input current per MPPT
Battery voltage range
40V to 60V
Rated AC apparen input power from grid
Rated EPS output apparent power
Max. switch time
Ingree protection degree
EN 61000/IEC 62109/EN 50549/G98/G99/VDE 4105/VFR 2019/NRS 097/CEI 0-21/NTS
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