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Low-voltage battery

Leading Technology

When paralleled, HOME-ESS-LV-5.12K can withstand a maximum current of 220A in the main circuit, allowing for faster response to power demands, adaptation to a wider range of applications, and eliminating the need for a combiner box installation.

Intelligent Management
Monitors voltage, current, temperature, and other data to optimize the battery's charging and discharging process. It provides corresponding protection functions to ensure safe operation and extend the battery's lifespan, thereby improving energy utilization efficiency.
Submerged fire protection
Integrated hot aerosol, capable of swiftly controlling flames, reducing the likelihood of fire spreading, and minimizing losses caused by fire incidents.
Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) cells
Lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) cells have higher safety, with reduced risk of thermal runaway and fire incidents. Advantages such as long cycle life and high charge-discharge efficiency offer extended usability and improved energy utilization efficiency.
Convenient Installation
The hidden wall-mount bracket for the back, along with plug and play terminals, enables rapid installation. The module's auto-recognition feature automatically assigns master and slave addresses, eliminating the need for manual DIP switch settings and saving installation time.

Ultra Safety

The battery employs cutting-edge battery management systems and protective measures, ensuring the battery's safe operation at all times and providing you with a peace of mind during usage.
Real-time Monitoring
The intelligent BMS includes functions such as voltage detection, current detection, temperature detection, and hardware voltage detection, enabling real-time monitoring of battery operation status.
Multiple Protection Measures
It possesses multiple protection functions including overvoltage protection, overcurrent protection, overtemperature protection, and pressure difference alarm, ensuring comprehensive protection for battery operation.
External Circuit Breaker
Monitoring the current, it cuts off the circuit when the charging and discharging currents exceed the safe range, allowing for safer maintenance and operation, thereby enhancing system safety.

Hanchu Cloud
Platform Integration

Operators and end-users can stay informed about the real-time operational status of the system, enabling remote scheduling, OTA upgrades, and historical data analysis. This functionality brings convenience to after-sales service.

Technical Specifications
Nominal Energy
Nominal Voltage
Cell Type
Nominal Charge/Discharge Current
Communication Port
Depth of Discharge
Ingree Protection Degree
IEC 62619/CE
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