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The HESS-OF-S series is a single-phase off-grid inverter designed specifically for residential homes. It is compatible with the Hanchu LV series batteries, allowing users to flexibly configure the system capacity for more versatile energy storage and management. This enables it to meet the requirements of various scales and application scenarios.

Outputs high-quality pure sine wave AC power
The low harmonic content reduces electromagnetic interference with surrounding electronic devices, enhancing the overall electromagnetic compatibility of the system. Stable output voltage and frequency provide power for precision instruments.
Advanced MPPT with up to 99.9% efficiency
Accurately tracks the optimal operating point of solar panels under various conditions, reduces thermal losses, and improves the stability and economics of the solar energy system.
Continuous Output
The inverter can output for long periods at rated power, better adapting to the system's load requirements, ensuring continuous and stable operation of the system, and meeting the needs for sustained power supply.
Flexible Usage
Multiple charging and discharging modes are available for selection, allowing users to choose the most suitable mode based on specific needs and circumstances, providing flexibility and customization.

Ultra Safety

The inverter employs multiple protection measures and has undergone rigorous testing to ensure comprehensive user safety.
Multiple Protection Measures
Equipped with multiple protection features such as short circuit protection, overcurrent protection, over/under voltage protection, and overload protection, ensuring the system's safe operation from various aspects.
EMC Testing Passed
The electromagnetic radiation complies with IEC standards, posing no harm to humans, and can operate stably without interference from other signal sources.
IEC safety approvals
The design, manufacturing, and testing processes of the inverter strictly adhere to relevant safety standards and have passed international certification standards, ensuring safe use.
Technical Specifications
MPPT voltage range
120V to 450V
No. of MPPT
Max. input current per MPPT
Battery voltage range
40V to 60V
Rated output power
Max. peak output power
Ingree protection degree
Communication with BMS
RS485/CAN/USB/Dry contact
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