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High-voltage Battery

Powerful Performance

Provides 28.2kWh to 112.8kWh of energy, easily meeting the electricity needs of small and medium-sized businesses. The high-voltage system delivers greater output power, offering more robust performance for loads.

Intelligent Management
Monitors voltage, current, temperature, and other data to optimize the charging and discharging process of the battery, provides corresponding protection functions, ensures safe operation of the battery, extends its life, and enhances energy efficiency.
Leading Technology
The HOME-ESS-LV-9.4K utilizes lithium iron phosphate (LFP) blade cells, enhancing energy density while improving safety, resulting in superior performance and extended lifespan for the storage battery.
Immersive Fire Suppression & Breathing Explosion-proof Valve
Incorporates a thermal aerosol that can quickly control fires, reduce the likelihood of fire spread, and minimize damage caused by fire. The breathing explosion-proof valve enhances system safety by effectively preventing an increase in internal battery pressure, reducing the risk of fire and explosion, ensuring the safety of both equipment and environment.
Easy Installation
The design of quick-connect installation allows for faster and more convenient insertion and removal of battery modules, eliminating the need for manual wiring, reducing installation costs, and improving efficiency. It also facilitates maintenance and upgrades in the future.
Touchscreen Display
Equipped with an industry-leading touchscreen display, it not only shows real-time battery operation data but also allows for setting adjustments directly on the screen, enhancing the user's interaction experience.

Ultra Safety

The battery employs the most advanced battery management system and protection measures, ensuring a reliable user experience. With an IP65 protection rating, it effectively prevents water and dust, adapting to a wider range of environmental conditions and enhancing durability for extended indoor and outdoor operation.
Multiple Protection Measures
Equipped with multiple protection features including overvoltage protection, overcurrent protection, overtemperature protection, and pressure difference alarm, ensuring comprehensive safety during battery operation.
External Circuit Breaker
The external circuit breaker allows for manual disconnection of the circuit in case of issues during battery operation, enabling safer handling during maintenance and inspection, thus enhancing system safety.
IP 65 Protection
The IP65-rated body offers advantages of dust and water resistance, ensuring effective protection against dust and liquid intrusion, thereby enhancing the durability and reliability of the equipment when operating in harsh environments.

Hanchu Cloud
Platform Integration

Operators and end-users can stay informed about the real-time operational status of the system, enabling remote scheduling, OTA upgrades, and historical data analysis. This functionality brings convenience to after-sales service.

Technical Specifications
Nominal Energy
Nominal Voltage
Cell Type
Nominal Charge/Discharge Current
Max. Charge/Discharge Current
Communication Port
Depth of Discharge
Ingree Protection Degree
IEC 62619/CE/UN38.3
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