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Incident Response
We attach great importance to security issues and welcome all security researchers to report potential security vulnerabilities to us toimprove the security of our products and services.
Security Notice - Service Log4j2 Component Vnlnerability
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HANCHUESS has always prioritised the experience of our users and we had to temporarily suspend the digital platform microservices involved for a day and there was an issue with users not being able to access them, we apologise for the inconvenience this caused to our users.

Since then, our team took immediate action to resolve the issue, which has now been fixed. After investigation, we found that the issue was due to a versioning vulnerability in the Log4j2 logging component provided by Apache. A remote code execution vulnerability exists when Apache Log4j version 2.x <= 2.14.1. A JNDI injection flaw exists in the Log4j2 component when processing program log records, the receiver is not filtered for input from unreliable sources, and an unauthorised An attacker could use this vulnerability to send carefully crafted malicious data to the target server, triggering a flaw in the Log4j2 component's parsing, enabling arbitrary code execution on the target server, gaining access to the target server, and eventually triggering remote code execution. If we upgrade to the latest version, this issue will not occur.

Regarding component upgrades, FruitNext has been fixed and internally tested to ensure that such issues do not occur again. As of 29 March 2022, all digital platform related services have been restored. Once again, we apologise for the impact this issue has had on our users.



2022-03-29,Update Software Version


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