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Your best energy storage partner.

Why we must do it?
Our stories
Business principles

We are a part of energy's future.

When facing global challenges, we turn to innovation to slove problems. The social benefits of accelarating clean energy transitions are huge, we are committed to rapidly scaling up the clean and advanced technologies of the future.

In 2011, our journey begins from the land of fish and rice in southeastern China - the cradle of the world's solar industry.Our founders Hanes, Alen, Niall and Simon are experts in photovoltaic, lithium, energy storage and inverter industries. They were driven together by the same dream to create a clean and affordable energy future.

How to make energy controllable, reliable and affordable? In order to solve this puzzle, we kept exploring. We have experienced a transformation from Wind-Solar-Battery to Solar-Battery-Charge, and we are now moving from cloud-storage interconnection to digital energy future. HANCHESS enables homes to be energy independent day and night. Today, we are the enabler of global distributed energy storage solutions and we have offices in the US, Europe, Africa and Australia. Through product and business technology innovation, we aim to challenge the existing energy system. Through the intelligent solutions we provide, our global customers and partners can enjoy a controllable, reliable and accessible clean future.

We believe that energy should be available where it is needed.

  • Innovation

    Innovation helps us differentiate ourselves.

    Each day, we work to deliver innoviative and sustainable solutions that promote the global energy transition and change people's life.

  • Passion

    We enjoy what we are doing.

    Passion is what gives us boundless energy, intense almost single-minded focus and the willpower to overcome even the most daunting obstacles.

  • Altruism

    Utopia is tomorrow's reality.

    "Take care of others - the counterparts of your company - and they will take care of your business." Our business leader choosed such a business philosophy.
    By putting custumers first, we focus unconditionally on social value creation. We explore new system innovations and ways to enhance efficiency.