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Flexible & Adaptable Applications

It supports 100% unbalanced three-phase AC output, which allows the inverter to better match the requirements of variable loads for improved system efficiency and performance. With our integrated smart customizable software you can easily manage your battery in DOD. Time of use and power setting modes, lightning-fast UPS level switching time in less than 10ms allow you to manage the energy and appliance flexibly. And its IP66-certified design allows you to install it both indoors and outdoors without any worries. The HESS-HY-T series have two independent MPPTs with an unbeatable 20A maximum input per string which can match all the PV modules in the market.

product Strong backup power supply
product Maximum 20 A DC input current per string
product Strong backup power supply


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hanchu-iconThree Phase Hybrid Inverter
  • Phoenix Contact connectors for reliable tool-free DC connection
  • Compact wall mount design
  • Simple battery and smart meter interfaces
  • Compatible with high-voltage batteries
  • IP66 rated design for outdoor use
  • 150 % PV over-sizing array
  • 100% unbalanced three phase AC output
  • ShadeSol - improved generation under non-ideal conditions
  • UPS level switching time < 10 ms
  • Commissioning and monitoring via the HANCHU ESS app
  • Intelligent work modes and customized battery management for DOD /Time of Use/Power Settings
  • Max. 20 A input current, ideal for bifacial and large scale PV modules